Our Fleet & Services

Our Fleet

All of the vehicles in our extensive fleet are well maintained and have two local council MOT tests annually in addition to the standard MOT test; they also have regular visual inspections with Thanet District Council licensing officers. The cars are all modern and kept clean with regular checks made not only by the council but also by the company management.

We are able to offer all types of vehicles from standard saloons, estate cars if you have lots of luggage or larger items (surcharge applicable) as well as 5/6/7 seaters subject to availability. We also have a wheelchair accessible service if pre booked in advance.


Call back
We offer you a free call back service which means that as your car arrives to collect you, your home phone will ring twice or a text will be sent to your mobile phone to let you know that your car has arrived. This is a great service which means that you do not have to look out for your taxi any more, just listen for your phone. Please ask our telephonists for 'Call Back' when you telephone to book your car..

Text Back

Similar to the call back facility, if you are ringing from your mobile for a taxi then ask the telephonist and they will get the driver to send a text to your mobile as the car is arriving with car details such as the colour and make of the vehicle so you know what car.

These additional safety features are in place not just for general use but also make getting the correct taxi for nightclub/pub pickups as well as ensuring the safety of young and vulnerable people by giving them the information needed to get into the correct licensed vehicle.

All our vehicles are fitted with the latest in-car communications via our computerized data system, and are constantly monitored by our control room using GPS tracking. We are therefore totally in control, and are able to offer assistance immediately if required.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
We are able to offer a reliable service to our customers who require to be transported whilst in their wheelchair. If you require a wheelchair accessible taxi to hire, please call us on 01843 333333 in advance and speak to one of our professional telephonists who will be happy to help you make a booking.